Engagement Activities

The partnership delivers an extensive range of engagement activities targeted at all road users, with a particular focus on high risk and vulnerable road user groups. We utilise a variety of delivery methods to appeal to the widest audience possible – this includes road safety presentations, structured learning projects and attendance at a broad range of events. The interactive dashboard below details the partnership’s engagement activities for 2018 – 2023 to date. Click on a visual to filter the data displayed (to drill down multiple visuals, hold down CTRL and click on all the relevant visuals you are interested in).

Definition of an intervention

An intervention is determined as one visit to an establishment / location. Therefore, a one-to-one session, a presentation to an assembly of 300 or multi-presentations at the same venue on the same day are all counted as one intervention.

Our interventions

Our in-depth interventions are outlined below but have been developed using behaviour change and education methodologies. They can vary in length depending on the requirement of the target audience. The in-depth interventions are created using a range of research and data sources. These include national and local casualty and collision data along with a range of academic research.

School based interventions have lesson plans and contribute to PSHE / enrichment lessons. The engagement team all hold education qualifications and relevant road safety professional experience. SRH also contract out certain specialist road safety interventions like theatre in education plays.

‘Building block’

Safer Roads Humber takes a ‘building block’ approach to road safety which means that we deliver the appropriate road safety message tailored to the age and ability of the target audience. We use a wide range of teaching methods from role play for our early years’ children to theatre in education and interactive presentations for young people. Each intervention will build upon the previous road safety messages. We try to make our messages engaging and relevant to the target audiences’ road use.

What do we do?

Below is a list of our engagement activities by age group and by road user. If you would like to more information or to book the engagement team please contact them via email

The partnership delivers a range of activities with this primary school age group which is age appropriate. The level of activities increases around year 6 (end of primary) as the children start to become independent travellers.

Car Seat Checks 

The partnership has funded car seat checks in public car parks to raise awareness of using the correct car seat. We are in the process of training our own staff to deliver these checks and will be doing more sessions in the future.

Safe4Life Primary 

We deliver a range of pedestrian, passenger and cycle safety talks to primary school aged children. We use a range of methods including a catapult. our ‘crash cars’ and ramp which explains the importance of wearing seat belts, whilst our ‘egg cycle helmet’ demonstrates the importance of wearing cycle helmets. We also involve the children in role plays showing how to cross the road safely. The messages develop as the children start to become independent travellers in years 5 & 6. The majority of presentations are delivered in primary schools but the SRH engagement team also deliver at a range of uniform and community groups.

‘Your Choice’

This is part of the Prison Me No Way delivery but aimed at year 6 primary school based on independent travel on the transition to secondary in their next school year. It is letting them tell us what is right and wrong and to make the correct choice in their lives.

Kid Alert

The partnership supports the Hull City Council ‘Kid Alert’ project both financially and providing staff to deliver road safety messages. The two week programme is aimed at year 6 primary school children and is delivered to over 2,000 children.

Building upon the primary school messages our activities around this age group covers a range of travel modes e.g. walking, cycling, using public transport and being a passenger.

Safe4Life Secondary 

The presentation is aimed at pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle passengers for young people aged 11 – 15 year olds. It also includes the cycle helmet demonstration. Aimed at years 7 to 10, each presentation has different video clips, suitable for the audience, so they will not see the same one in following years. As they get older, we talk about being a positive passenger within a vehicle, capable of challenging poor behaviour such as not wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone.

Theatre In Education Year 9 – #YOLO 

SRH funds a three week theatre in education road safety play each year aimed at year 9 students (14-15 year olds). Our current play #YOLO (You Only Live Once) focusses on wearing a seat belt and being a responsible passenger and not distracting the drivers. National research shows that seat belt wearing with this age group drops when they are travelling in a young drivers car. In total 30 plays are delivered across the three week tour.

Prison Me No Way 

This presentation is based around consequences and decisions we make when young, which we may live to regret. Often young people may be involved in activities which can get them arrested, and road safety is no different there. We tackle peer pressure and coping strategies.

The collision data shows that young people aged 16 – 24 year olds are a high risk casualty group. As young people start to drive / ride their inexperience makes them very vulnerable and their risk of crashing is at the highest in the first two years of passing their test. National research also shows that their crash risks increase when accompanied by passengers their own age. Our education and engagement activities with this age group contains coping mechanisms so that the young person is able to take control of the risks that they may face.


Our ‘drive4life’ PowerPoint presentations are intended to deliver important and relevant road safety messages to young drivers, those considering learning to drive, and passengers aged 15 and over who travel with young drivers, working to keep our roads safe. The presentation can be delivered to small class size groups, or to larger audiences such as year groups. All presentations can be adjusted to suit available time. We can also add a workshop element if required. This is aimed at year 11 and above. It also covers ‘My Car, My Rules’ and being a positive driver or passenger.

Scoot4life – Scooter/Moped Riders 

Our ‘scoot4life’ presentation is intended for young riders of powered two wheelers, especially those who have just made the transition from pedal cycles. The presentation gives general advice on riding, equipment and causes of collisions. This presentation can be delivered to smaller groups. It is often given to Youth Offending Teams.

Fast Fit Vehicle Maintenance 

This is a new presentation which is aimed at showing young drivers the importance of ensuring that their vehicle is road legal and covers the reasons where they may be stopped by police. Classroom input and then out to some vehicles to show them how to check tyres, fluids, wipers etc.

First Response 

Another new presentation which is aimed at what to do in the event of a collision and how to protect the scene, protect themselves and basic first aid advice. Also what to say when ringing 999.

Theatre in Education year 11 – 13 – ‘Braking Point’ 

SRH funds a three week road safety tour aimed at students in years 11 – 13 (aged 15 – 19). The current play is called ‘Braking Point’ and focusses on messages to young drivers (speed, drink driving, mobile phone use and seat belts) and to passengers (distraction, seat belts and being a responsible passenger). In total 30 plays and workshops are delivered across schools and colleges during the tour.

National Citizens Service 

This is linked directly into the Fire Service where NCS groups come through and spend a day at the fire station, half a day is spent on firefighter skills and hoses and the other half covers safety messages, road, water and fire safety. Peer pressure is a main part of this input.

Pathfinder Under 17’s driving course 

The partnership sponsors the Pathfinder, Under 17’s driving course that is delivered three times a year. This week long driving course involves a young person and their parent and teaches them basic car control in a safe closed road environment. During the week the engagement team deliver presentations around safe speed and also demonstrate a range of different vehicles i.e. fire appliance, safety camera van and X5 enforcement vehicle.

Youth Offending Teams 

The SRH team work closely with the local Youth Offending Teams to deliver bespoke road safety interventions to young offenders with related offences.

Motorcyclists represent around 1% of traffic but are over represented in our casualty statistics. The partnership supports a range of activities aimed at motorcyclist but also use a range of communication campaign methods to raise awareness amongst drivers to look out for those on two wheels. The SRH partnership has a number of staff who are experienced motorcyclists and are able to provide a range of motorcycling interventions.


This is a presentation aimed at mature riders and is often given to motorcycle groups or clubs. The aim of this intervention is to raise awareness and to hopefully increase take up on Biker Down and BikeSafe.

Biker Down 

This is a Fire Service national initiative which not only is about bike safety but also covers important first aid instruction for bikers who may have come off their bikes whilst riding. It is classroom based and usually involves Fire Service staff.


This is a Police national initiative which is available to motorcyclists holding a full bike licence. The day combines classroom instruction on being a safe rider, followed by a ride out on the roads with suitably trained and qualified instructors who will assess the rider’s skills. The aim of BikeSafe is to encourage riders to undertake post-test training.

Our local data shows that we have an emerging casualty problem with cyclists as this mode of transport becomes more popular. The partnership is being proactive with this road user groups and encourage cyclists to be visible and take up further training and encourage other roads users to look out for those on two wheels.

The partnership proactively works with a range of businesses to increase road safety knowledge in this sector. We actively support the national Driving for Better Business (DfBB) initiative.

Managing occupational road risk 

This is aimed at businesses but usually at managers and above, showing what they should have in place to manage the occupational road risk, so it covers HSE guidance, risk assessments, insurance, driver guides, policies including mobile phones, eating and drinking etc.

Work related road risk 

This is aimed at businesses but at the normal workers/drivers. For example we have spent a week with the East Riding Council presenting to their fleet drivers showing risks and explaining why it is so important.

We now work in partnership with RDAC Regional Driver Assessment Centre, and we aim to run at least 12 of these sessions throughout our area, evenly spread between the four unitary authorities. Targeted at those over the age of 55, we give advice, increase awareness of dangers that are faced by that age group, particularly through aging, eyesight, medication and also includes an optional assessment drive by RDAC but paid for by Safer Roads Humber.

We currently present at the MOD Defence School of Transport at Leconfield with three presentations. The first is aimed at the young solders based on the Drive4life presentation, the second is aimed at the Defence Road Safety Advisors or Logistics course and the third is aimed at the Master Drivers Course which is the highest level you can get within the armed forces. We give advice on how to run their own road safety interventions when they return to the home bases.

In addition the partnership also delivers a multi-agency extrication drill twice a year.

Other activities

The partnership can tailor its activities to any group or event. Below are just some examples of what we currently deliver.

Experienced Drivers

This presentation is aimed at those who have been driving for some years, but are still young. For example talks for apprentices at British Aerospace who drive around 12,000 miles a year. This can also be adapted for some businesses.

Safer Roads Humber – partnership overview

The Safer Roads presentation is an overview of what Safer Roads Humber delivers and is usually presented to Parish Councils, Farm Watch or other interested groups.

Pop Up Events

We do a large amount of pop up events when time allows. This may be on supermarket car parks or on the side of the road, where we will hand out high Vis vests and lights to cyclists or check people’s cars, with their permission whilst they are shopping. This also includes working with Good Egg on checking children’s car seats in vehicles.

Partnership Events

Usually with Highways England at service stations or on the grounds of Ports, we will offer to check vehicle lights, horn, fluids and tyres. Highways England will concentrate on the heavy goods vehicles and our Fire Service engagement officers will target vans and cars.

Other Groups

We also do presentations for cadet’s scouts, guides, young farmers, Women’s Institute groups, Parish Councils etc. on an evening.