Booking Terms and Conditions


If you fail to comply with these terms and conditions at any stage the offer of a course will be withdrawn and your file will bereturned to the issuing Police Force for further consideration.

  1. If you book a course and then change your mind for any reason you must inform us within 14 days from the date youbooked your course in order to obtain a full refund. However, if you book a course within 14 days of the course date andthen wish to cancel only a partial refund of £49 will be made.
  2. If Safer Roads Humber has to re-schedule your course for any reason every effort will be made to offer a new course date.However, Safer Roads Humber will not undertake to reimburse any additional expenses that you may incur due to suchchanges, although your statutory rights are not affected by this.
  3. You must notify Safer Roads Humber by telephone or email prior to booking your course if you have any specialneeds, medical conditions that could affect your attendance or you need to take an interpreter so that suitablearrangements can be made. Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements provided SaferRoads Humber are notified prior to booking the course.
  4. If you are unable to attend your course date due to medical, legal or compassionate grounds, you will be required toprovide documentary proof. A new course date will be arranged but the course must take place within four months of thedate of the offence. This will also apply if you are a carer/parent and your dependant is taken ill. In these circumstancesyou may be charged a rescheduling fee.
  5. Once you have booked your course you will be sent a confirmation by email or post. However, it is recommended that youmake your own note of the details in case your confirmation is not received. The excuse that you did not receive yourconfirmation will not be a valid reason for not attending your course and any further bookings would be subject to a furtherbooking fee.
  6. You must attend your chosen course in a fit state to enable you to participate fully. Any persons suspected of not beingin a fit state will be refused entry to the course. This will be classified as ‘non completion’.
  7. The course is presented in spoken and written English. If you feel you may have difficulty hearing, understanding orcommunicating, it may be possible for you to have someone with you to act as an interpreter. Please contact us on 01482399065 prior to your course.
  8. Having agreed to attend a course, it is an offence for another person to attend in your place. If this occurs, it will beclassified as ‘non completion’.
  9. As the trainer will need to check your identification, you will be asked to briefly lift or remove any face covering or headdress that covers your face. If attending a classroom course, this check can be carried out in a private room at yourrequest. Online course registration checks are carried out in a private, one-to-one meeting with the presenter. If yourequire someone of the same gender to carry out the identification please contact us on 01482 399065 prior to yourcourse.
  10. Satisfactory course completion is contingent upon attendance throughout the duration of the course, completion of anycourse paperwork, providing a positive contribution and demonstrating a willingness to make a commitment to improveattitudes to driving/riding. If you leave the course before it finishes it is classified as ‘non completion’ and further action will betaken.
  11. Any abusive or disruptive behaviour, or behaviour deemed as such by the course trainer(s), will result in removal from thecourse. If this occurs, it will be classified as ‘non completion’.
  12. Mobile phones must be set to silent or turned off during the course. Recording of the course, or live feeds or other formsof broadcasting of the course, are prohibited.
  13. All of our classroom venues are non smoking. Failure to adhere to this condition will result in your removal from the courseand you will be asked to leave the venue immediately. If this occurs, it will be classed as ‘non completion’ and furtheraction will be taken. There may be smoking facilities outside of the venue.
  14. If you fail to attend a course on the date allocated to you, this will classify as ‘non completion’.
  15. You must be available for registration at least 15 minutes before the start time of the course. This process is an alternative toprosecution and therefore there are strict rules on attendance and behaviour which must be met to avoid a formalprosecution process. You may not be offered the opportunity of another course. Any arrivals (either online or   in person)after the course start time will be refused entry and will be classed as ‘non-completion’. If travelling to a venue, please planyour journey in advance to ensure you know where the venue is and give yourself plenty of time forthe journey. You will not be able to obtain assistance from the office in the event you find yourself lost. Heavy traffic will notbe a valid reason for not attending your course on time.


If you request the date of your course to be changed and Safer Roads Humber is able to arrange a new date within four months of the date of offence we will arrange one course free of charge as long as more than 14 days notice is given. If you have already changed your course date once or do not give 14 days notice for a classroom or 48hrs for an on line course a £25 administration fee will be payable in order to carry out this change.

If you are unable to attend your course date due to medical, legal or compassionate grounds, you will be required to provide documentary proof. A new course date will be arranged but the course must take place within four months of the date of the offence. This will also apply if you are a carer/parent and your dependant is taken ill. In these circumstances you may be charged a resheduling fee. However, not attending your course due to work commitments would not be covered and a rebooking fee would apply.

If you are refused entry for reasons outlined in part 15/16 of the above Terms and Conditions and we are able to arrange a further course for you any further booking will be subject to a £46 booking fee. You will only be allowed up to a maximum of 2 further bookings for these reasons. HOWEVER, if you have already received a partial refund of £49 the rebooking fee will be £95.

If you have now changed your mind the course offer will be withdrawn and the issuing Police Force will then be notified of your non-attendance. You will only receive a partial refund of £49.

The issuing Police Force will be notified of your non completion. No refund of the course fee will be made.