Safer Roads Humber Education Courses – FAQs

The answers on this page refer to courses run by Safer Roads Humber in the Humberside Police area.

For all motorists you must attend and successfully complete your course within 4 months of the date of your offence. Please also bear in mind that if you book a course close to the deadline and do not attend it may not be possible to rearrange a further course.

The cost of the course if taken in the Humberside area is £95. Course fees do vary so you should contact your chosen course provider for further information.

Your chosen course provider will need to confirm your identity on the day of the course and a photocard driving licence is the easiest way to do this. If you only have the old style driving licence you should have this available for inspection with another form of photo identification. If you have questions or concernsplease telephone 01482 399065 for advice.

Safer Roads Humber are offering classroom courses at a number of location across the Humber region or online via Microsoft Teams. Other course providers have responsibility for running courses at other locations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Course availability and fees vary.  Course provider telephone numbers are provided in the enclosed National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme Provider List.  If you book your course online, you will be able to select from all available courses nationally.

CCTV is in operation at all of the Safer Roads Humber training venues, this is to ensure the health, safety and security of all individuals attending and the venues themselves. The recording of any data is stored locally on site by means of a loop back disk and available only to the assessor/QA officer. All data is deleted automatically after approximately 30 days. Please also be aware that CCTV is in operation in Safer Roads Humber vehicles.

Ample free parking is available at or in the immediate vicinity of all Safer Roads Humber venues.

You will need to contact your insurance company for further information.

Information on where the courses are held in the Humberside area can be found on website. Links can be found on the main driver safety course page. If you don’t have access to the internet please contact our office on 01482 399065 and we will send you some information to assist you. However, it is still your responsibility to find the venue and you should therefore ensure you plan your journey in advance. If you are late due to getting lost, any rebooking may be subject to a full rebooking fee.

As you have opted to attend a course as an alternative to prosecution, work commitments will not be taken into consideration. It is expected that you will make arrangements with your employer or take leave to attend the course.

You must attend on your allocated time and date or you will be prosecuted for the offence you have committed. If you do not attend or you arrive late and are refused entry to the course there will be no refund of your course fee. If you turn up after the course has started you will be refused entry and any rebooking will be subject to a full rebooking fee. It is therefore essential you give yourself plenty of time for your journey and plan your route in advance, checking for any roadworks or incidents on the day in case you need to give yourself extra time.

You can only attend one course every three years. Prosecution for the further offence will be considered. However, normally checks would have been carried out to ensure you were eligible for the course before your offer was sent to you. If you think you may have been offered a course incorrectly please contact our office on 01482 399065.

No. However, refreshments can normally be purchased from nearby shops or, where available, the on-site café. You can also take refreshments with you.

No. You must make your own arrangements.

Yes, but you must contact us on 01482 399065 to discuss this further so special arrangements can be made if necessary prior to your course.

No, there is no test. You may have a booklet to complete during the course. If you have difficulty in reading and writing please let us know and we will make a confidential note on your booking for only the trainer to see. The booklet is yours to take away with you at the end of the course.

You are expected to take full and active part in the course. Deliberately disruptive behaviour will result in you being removed from the course and referred back to the issuing Police Force for further action.

No. Normally only you will be allowed into the course. If you have any concerns please contact us on 01482 399065 prior to your course.

It is best to contact our office on 01482 399065 to discuss. We can normally arrange for somewhere for a carer to sit with your baby, whilst you are in the course and a private area for you to breastfeed when needed.

If you will have difficulty hearing, speaking or understanding spoken or written English it may be possible to have someone with you who is able to interpret for you. However, you must telephone us on 01482 399065 in order to book your course and make arrangements for someone to attend with you to act as interpreter. Your interpreter will also need to show photo identification before being allowed entry on the course. If you attend a course without an interpreter, and the trainer feels you do not sufficiently understand what is being said you will be refused entry and you will have to pay a further course fee to attend another course. If you attend with an interpreter but have not booked a place for them, you will both be turned away and any further booking will be subject to a further fee.

No,  when you book or complete your course the national database is updated which automatically informs the issuing Police Force.

In deciding to offer you this course we have checked, and recorded, your details against the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) database to establish if you have completed a similar course within the 3 years preceding this offence. This national database is an accredited secure database owned and operated by UKROed Ltd, which is a company owned by the UK police services for the purposes of delivering the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme. If you complete the course, your details relating to it will remain on the NDORS system for use by a Police Force if they are considering making an offer of a course in the future and for road safety research purposes for 3.5 years from the date of the offence, after which any personal reference to you will be erased.

During the booking process and the progress of the course we will ask you for personal details for the purposes of providing the training, administration, correspondence and recording of any feedback in connection with the course. Your personal details will be held securely on the Safer Roads Humber booking system for a year, after which these details will be deleted from this system. Safer Roads Humber will process your data in accordance with the Humberside Police Privacy Policy, which may be accessed online at or contact our office for a copy.

Statutory exemptions under the Data Protection Act 2018 may apply.