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Driver safety courses

Safer Roads Humber, in partnership with Humberside Police, run a range of courses that are offered to motorists when certain traffic offences have been committed. These courses are offered to motorists as an alternative to being prosecuted for the offence.

Delegates are charged a fee for the course as an alternative to a fine and points on their licence. Dependent on the offence committed, delegates can only attend one course in a three year period. 

Please be aware that CCTV is in operation at all of the Safer Roads Humber training venues, this is to ensure the health, safety and security of all individuals attending and the venues themselves. The recording of any data is stored locally on site by means of a loop back disk and available only to the assessor/QA officer. All data is deleted automatically after approximately 30 days.

Please also be aware that CCTV is in operation in Safer Roads Humber vehicles.

Humberside Police CCTV Code of Practice (pdf 322kb)


GDPR Fair Processing Information Statement (pdf 7kb)

UKROEd Course Provider Licence Certificate (pdf 57kb)

In addition to classroom courses Safer Roads Humber also offer a number of driver safety courses online via Micrososft Teams. These online courses are suitable for clients who have access to devices which include a web camera, microphone, speakers or headphones (ideally a computer or laptop, but a tablet or smart phone are suitable as well) and can download the Microsoft Teams app. Online courses can be accessed from any location, wherever you are based. 

Have you accepted an online course?

The below section includes information for clients who have accepted an online driver education course, to help you take part in the course. Please click on the links for further information:

National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) 

The speed awareness course (NSAC) is offered when a motorist has exceeded the speed limit within certain thresholds. The course is designed to make our communities safer by helping people to drive at a safe speed within the speed limit. The course contains information to: improve knowledge of speed limits and skills in identifying speed limit areas; increase understanding of the negative consequences of speeding; increased awareness of the benefits of complying with speed limits; increase skills in recognising and managing pressure to speed; increase intentions and reduce barriers to drive or ride at a safe speed.

The course lasts approximately two hours and 45 minutes, including a break midway through the session. Clients need to join the session 15 minutes prior to the  course, to allow for licence checks and so the course commences promptly.  

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Two hrs 45 mins

Online or classroom

Safe and Considerate Driving (SCD)


This course is offered to drivers when a Police Officer deems they have been driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration to other road users. This course comprises of a classroom based session followed by a practical, on the road driving session by an approved driving instructor in the instructor's vehicle. 

Please be aware that you must pass an eyesight check at the start of the course. You need to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5m (67ft), so please ensure you have your glasses / contact lenses with you if you wear them when driving. Failing the eyesight check will render you ineligible to continue with the course and you will need to re-book which will be subject to a further booking fee. 

The course is a full day and will include both theory and practical elements. You will need to arrive in good time for registration and eyesight checks at 08:00. The course will finish at 17:00.

At the time of booking the assistant will ask you whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle so that the right type of vehicle is provided for you.

If your vehicle has been adapted for you in any way, it may be possible to use your own vehicle for the practical element rather than the instructors' vehicle. Please discuss this with the assistant when you arrange your booking.

Due to the practical driving element on this course, we recommend you ring us on 01482 399065 to book your place (Mon-Fri 9am – 12pm). We will ask you some extra questions about your licence and the type of vehicle you require for the practical session.

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Full day


What's Driving Us? (WDU)

The What’s Driving Us? (WDU) is a course designed for motorists who have committed certain traffic offences. It is offered by a Police Officer at the roadside or when the offence has been recorded on camera.

For example:

  • Failure to comply with traffic directions, e.g. failure to comply with solid white line markings, stop signs, no entry sign, red traffic lights etc.
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights e.g. failing to stop or overtaking on a pedestrian crossing
  • Not being in proper control of the vehicle
  • Using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving or supervising a learner driver

The course lasts three hours, including a short break in the middle of the session. Clients need to join the session 15 minutes prior to the start of the course, to allow for licence checks and to ensure that the course commences promptly. 

The course is run by a presenter and aimed to create safer communities by increasing the likelihood that clients drive safely and considerately, in line with the Highway Code. It increases clients understanding  of the causes and negative consequences of risky and inconsiderate driving, their own personal susceptibility to these consequences, the importance of concentration, observation, anticipation and allowing adequate space and time, their awareness of reasons why their own driving is unsafe or inconsiderate and encourages them to create an action plan to address personally relevant issues. 

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Three hours

Online or classroom



A RIDE course is offered when a motorcycle rider has been reported for an incident of careless riding, not having proper control of the vehicle, contravening traffic signs/signals or speeding offences. The officer involved has made a decision that the rider would benefit from attending this course. The course is designed by professionals to improve riders attitude and behaviour on the road and to promote road safety.

The course lasts six hours, including registration, licence checks and breaks. Clients are advised to arrive at the venue 15 minutes early to allow for any unexpected travel delays and to ensure that the course commences promptly. complete registration and have your licence checked before the commencement of the course. This one day course is run by two presenters and comprises of information and interactive content, individuals and small-group activities that encourages discussion and reflection.  Clients are asked to make a positive contribution to the course and demonstrate a willingness to improve their riding skills. The course is designed to be participative, informative and of practical benefit to all riders.

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Full day


Seatbelt Course

Safer Roads Humber offers an on-line seatbelt course to people detected at the roadside not wearing a seatbelt. The course is run by an external provider, AA Drive Tech, and costs £44 plus VAT.

£44 plus VAT

National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC)

This course is offered to motorists detected exceeding the active variable speed limit (as electronically displayed on the overhead gantries and roadside electronic signs) either by a police officer or an automated camera. This course also caters for motorists who have passed through a mandatory Red X lane closure signal, and also for infringements occurring on hard shoulders and emergency refuge areas.

The course last three hours including a short break midway. Clients need to join the session 15 minutes prior to the start of the course to allow for licence checks and to ensure the course commences promptly. 

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Three hours

Online  or classroom