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Safety camera sites

Safety cameras are used across the region as part of our overall strategy to make Humberside's roads safer. We use mobile and fixed speed cameras to detect speeding vehicles at sites of risk. We are able to deploy the cameras at a range of locations meaning we can be more responsive to our communities' needs.

Daily enforcement schedule 

One aim of Safer Roads Humber is to help motorists drive at an appropriate and safe speed within the speed limit. To raise awareness of our sites, we publish the daily enforcement schedule on our website. 

We plan to operate mobile safety cameras at these locations on these dates. However, the sites published are only a selection of the sites that are being enforced on a particular day and this is the minimum speed enforcement undertaken. Officers can visit any of the Partnership’s other sites on any day of the week, including evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Humberside Police reserves the right to enforce speed limits on any road, at any time.

Safety camera information 

Click on the camera symbols to access the collision, casualty, speed and offence statistics for the specific site you are interested in.